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Certification - The Standard of Excellence

CPD Technician certification demonstrates the individual's proficiency and provides a means for establishing a standardized baseline of core education and job knowledge required for working within the health care field performing complex sterile processing duties and tasks. With certification comes accountability on the part of the individual. Certification reflects personal achievement beyond a basic level of skills and knowledge, and it demands continued skill and learning development in order to maintain ongoing certification. There is no certification program--in any profession--that guarantees error-free work performance. What CPD certification will do is cut the odds of making mistakes and establishes a definitive path toward the prevention of infection and/or contamination.

CPTTS is proud to be an educational leader in the field of CPD Technician training. Before meeting the employment standards required by a hiring facility, individuals enrolled in our training program must first satisfy the CPTTS standards of academic excellence. Certified CPD technicians understand the rationale behind the processes and procedures being performed; it helps them become critical thinkers. There are many situations in which the technician may have to make a personal decision because no other support staff members are available to answer questions. It's during these times that an educated, knowledgeable, and certified technician can make the difference.

If you wish to pursue taking your CPTTS education to the next level through certification, please send a request for more information to

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